seafood boil & @bloveslife2 inspired sauce!!!

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

hey #stackedconfidentialconfidantes it's friday!!!! what are you all cooking today? i remember when i was a child we had fish on friday's, usually with a side of meatless spaghetti & broccoli. if it was up to my mother we would have chinese take out or pizza. living in queens, new york we always had plenty of food options!!! as i've grown up & have children of my own, i often find myself trying to recreate flavors and dishes that i've had over the course of my forty years of life. the food journey has been amazing & i'm grateful to god that i had a cooking grandmother, & a mother that preferred eating out. balance folks... my taste buds have evolved & its been fun trying all kinds of new things. i'm looking forward to sharing those things with you. over the past few months i have been watching @bloveslife on youtube & following her on instagram @bloveslife2. as a fellow seafood lover, i really enjoy watching her videos. i can't wait to film my first mukbang!!! my daughters have agreed to participate & i couldn't be more excited! in the meantime, i'm going to post some pictures of the sauce i made that was inspired by @bloveslife2 & our most recent seafood boil that we had. the ingredients for both are listed below. if you give it a try, please let me know! i would love to hear your feed back. blessings!


6 oz old bay seasoning

3 oz lawry's garlic salt

2 oz dried minced onions

4.5 oz jar of minced garlic

16 oz clam juice

1 teaspoon cornstarch

2 teaspoons scotch bonnet pepper sauce

juice of 3 limes

3 sticks of butter

seafood boil ingredients

4 lbs snow crab legs

2 lbs medium shrimp (raw0

1 bag wild caught scallops (usually frozen)

2 lbs potatoes cut in quarters or halves

8 ears of corn cut in quarters or halves

2 bunches broccoli


in a 10-12 quart pot melt all 3 sticks of butter on low/medium heat.

add 1 teaspoon cornstarch, then the 16 oz of clam juice.

add 4 0z old bay seasoning, 2 oz Lawrys garlic seasoning salt & the rest of the wet and dry ingredients. stir continuously until all ingredients come together. turn to low or warm setting. stirring occasionally until it's time to be served.

seafood boil ingredients

start by boiling water in 16 -20 quart stock pot

add 2 oz of old bay seasoning & 1 oz lawry's garlic salt into the water

while you're waiting for the water to come to a boil, rinse off shrimp, scallops & corn. rinse potatoes and cut them up.

add potatoes first, let them cook about ten to fifteen minutes.

add corn. cook for 7 minutes. pull corn and potatoes out together & set aside.

add crab legs they only take about 7-10 minutes because you are just heating them through. remove the crab legs & set aside.

next put the shrimp and scallops in the boiling water. they take no longer than 5 minutes as the water is boiling and swirling around.

pull them out and set aside.

put the broccoli in the water for 3-5 minutes pull it out after that so it still has a crunch to it. set aside with the rest of the cooked ingredients.

toss the seafood, potatoes and vegetables in the sauce, serve & enjoy

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