She’s baaaaccckkkkk

Hey #stackedconfidentialconfidantes Happy first day of Summer!!! I know it’s been a while. Entirely too long for someone who aspires to do this full time... life has been going on... It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster if I can be transparent. Unexpected death, changes in routines & responsibilities & a high school graduation are just a few of the things I’ve been dealing with since my last post more than a month ago... when I relaunched in January I believed that I had a solid plan. I did my research on several subjects & tried to make sure that I had ample content... unfortunately I was not nearly as prepared as I thought I was. I have been battling depression, feeling like a failure & debating going back to a corporate setting, even though that is not my hearts desire. Let’s not even discuss how apparently after working c/s & retail based jobs since sixteen I’m not qualified to ring up groceries at Whole Foods... Sigh... I’ve been praying, (more like crying out to God) because I need help! Some days are better than others... it’s challenging to be in a space where you know that you should be grateful & thankful but can’t muster up the strength to get out of bed. It’s tough when we’ve been conditioned to carry everything on our backs and proclaim we don’t need help, when we really do. It’s heartbreaking to not recognize yourself because the person you once were & the faith you once had, has diminished... It’s terrible to feel isolated & lonely in/on your journey. I understand that this is a trick of the enemy, but it doesn’t hurt any less... And believe me I know some of us are called to walk alone. But alone & lonely are two different things!!! I’m in such a place right now...God has done it for me & my family so many times before... I know that HE will get us through these trials, tribulations & afflictions as well! Thank you so much for your continued support!

I went back & forth about releasing these images for several reasons. I’m not even sure this color way is available anymore... However, on this day I felt empowered... I actually went into a public place, dropped my sundress & posed... This was HUGE for me... Those who know me in real life, probably can’t believe I did it. I’m still awkward & I was nervous as hell... There were people working & visiting the exhibit while this shoot was taking place. Keeze tried to talk me through it as best he could... I really tried to focus on what I was there to do, but I’m still learning... I’m pleased with the shots we got. Hopefully you all will enjoy them too! 💙 Follow me on all my social media accounts!

Model: @stackedconfidential

Mua: @amberamua0915

Photographer: @okeeze both of


Bralette & panty set: @savagexfenty

@badgalriri hope I made you proud

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Stacked Confidential 

all photography by okeeze of Okeezeartography