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Yesterday (9/15/19) was my 41st birthday! I am feeling beyond grateful & blessed to see another year! I have been super emotional this go round. So many peers have passed away before making it to forty and beyond... I’m glad that God sees fit to keep me here. I have so much I want to accomplish. So many places I want to visit... Moreover, I want to watch my children (grandchildren & great grandchildren when that time comes) grow up. My prayers are def evolving.... Thank you all for supporting me & loving me unapologetically! Just know I’m rooting for you too! We are all in a space where growth is essential to living life out loud! Embrace it! You may not be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s ok! Gravitate towards healthy, wholesome relationships that build you up & help you heal. You might need some type of therapy in addition to whatever your normal coping mechanisms are. You might need alone time, or more time with genuine friends. You might need to volunteer your time and/or services to bring you back to a place of gratitude. Idk. But invest in yourself, your healing & your growth. Prioritize & implement time management. Consistency is key... I’m talking to myself too!!! Blessings!

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

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I just did my first official #bodypositive photo shoot!!! it came with lots of uncertainty & insecurities.... questions about what i wanted to share & how i wanted to share it. i mean i'm literally wearing a kimono & that's it! i we had been working on this project for a month or two. i wanted it to be nothing short of amazing... i had already completed the shoot when i saw Frenchie Davis (who is my Auntie in my mind) photo's on the gram from bali... i was like ok, thats my cue! lets edit these and get them out! lol okeeze & i actually did this shoot three times. the first time, the images somehow got deleted. the second time, my eyes had a reaction to the eye shadow i used and it made my eyes look sad. i was so annoyed! we got a new backdrop and i got a new hairstyle, so i agreed to try it one last time. the third time was the charm as they say. we looked at these images and understood why it didn't work out those other two times. it also made me want to open up a dialogue about what body positivity is & what the body positive movement means to you! The description according to Wikipedia is below; “Body positivity is a social movement rooted in the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image, in doing so it challenges the ways in which society presents & views the physical body. The movement advocates the acceptance of all bodies no matter the form, size, or appearance.” I believe this to be pretty accurate of what I understand this movement to be & what I’ve seen across my social media pages. Does it ever challenge your thoughts &/or views? What about your comments towards others in the movement? We, in the plus community use various hashtags to help identify & find one another. Additionally, supporters, admirers, (both openly & secretly) & potential casting agents have access to every body type available/imaginable through this platform. Whether you consider your self fat, plump, fluffy, curvy, plus or anything in between & beyond for that matter (slim, petite, tall & muscular build are all included but not the total diversity of groups in the mix), this body positive movement is for you! Are their naysayers? Yes. There are some who feel this movement is perpetuating horrible self care. Stating that if you are at one extreme or the other, you should not be celebrated. I don’t agree with that. There are so many variables to who we are & why we are, where we are in life. Everything from genetic make up, to illnesses, to trauma, diet (whether losing or gaining weight is the goal) & exercise are not always all one needs... We must learn to be more kind to one another! We are all more alike on the inside then we are different. Preferences are formed when we find something attractive in our outward differences of others. But because I am not your preference, doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve to be included in what is considered beautiful! I’m just not for you! And that is ok with me! Please leave comments below! I am excited to hear all of your thoughts & experiences. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from! Also, head on over to my instagram and help me get those likes up! Blessings!

Hey #StackedconfidentialConfidantes

how are you all doing? its been over a month since i blogged & i feel awful about it! i know that the key to this thing is consistency!!! some days i honestly am struggling to fight through/past all the things that i feel like are stacked against me, no pun intended. all the the people & things that i love are also the reasons i am sometimes stressed. when you are in a growing season, trying to be the best version of yourself for yourself & your loved ones can be overwhelming! i am taking clients, shooting new looks, cooking & writing recipes, preparing for one child to graduate high school, (and giving some extra special love to the one who is younger) in addition to trying to have balance in all things life.... whooooo chile! its a journey, not a race & I'm trying to pace myself... they say that everything you desire is right outside your comfort zone... so here we go! sending love, light, positive vibes and blessings your way!

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